Woolcott Armouries

Autonomist arms manufacturer, founded and led by Olin Woolcott. Woolcott Armouries came into existence in 11AF in response to Olin’s discovery and development of the Crimson laser weapons technology. It’s main contributors and custommers include the Carmine Lotus, the Titanian Commonwealth, numerous Scum barges and several autonomist deffence networks.

It’s main holding is a station within Extropian space that is monitored and maintained by two AGIs and numerous Autonomist settlers. The station itself has been upgraded to include many conveniences to make life on board comfortable for those who live there, to the point that some claim they forget they’re even living on a weapons factory. During Scum visits to Extropia, the station will often receive visitors who know Olin personally (Of which there are many).

The station has been producing weapons since shortly after the Triad boss Goldenknife let it to Olin in exchange for supply, though it’s presence was kept a secret until the Lachesis Atropos fleet, led by Admiral Persephone, wiped out the pirate clan of Heironeous Blade and began the patroling of Autonomist space. Olin, who had and still does work for Persephone, now deemed it safe enough to unveil his brain-child and begin trade negotiations with other groups.

Though the company has produced a great number of weapon systems since it’s founding, the Crimson laser technology is what made Olin a household name throughout much of the Autonomist worlds. Of particular note is the sword known as the Yaksa, used solely among the Furies of the Carmine Lotus stationed on Extropia. This and the Crimson Lance rifles and pistols made their mark in the deffence of Extropia in 14AF, against the group of Ex-Human raiders led by Janus. Also of note is the Seraphim orbital drop armor, used exclusivly by The Shining Host drop corp, and the resultant Amon suit that is kept in market circulation.

Woolcott Armouries is still in full production to this day, and is churning out many unique and interesting tools of destruction or deffence. The company has even expanded into the Morph industry, producing the first Fafnir model of combat Synth in 19AF in a joint venture with the Mearcer group.

Woolcott Armouries

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