The Jiāojiè system is named after the first planet to be discovered.

The planet’s original designation was Waldgeist, after the extensive jungle that coveres 60% of the planet’s surface. However, after it was discovered just how many addresses the Gate had stored in it’s “Address book”, the chinese word for Junction was chosen.

enough resources for a relay station were sent through, and probes were sent out to explore the system. Within a month, another 3 gates had been discovered. One was a mere 5 miles from the first gate, though buried within a cliff-face. Another was found on the moonlet of the world, and the last was discovered orbiting the planet itself – just a few meters diameter short of matching the Armstrong Gate.

The system has now gained the full attention of the Conglomorate, and indeed one or two news-media and blog personalites are on their way to record the new world. Resources have recently been dispatched to militarise the area and build a larger scientific facility between the two gates on the surface. A containment building and small town has been set up at the original gate, complete with Mesh broadcaster. Only two squads of Tylers are present at the site until further recruits arrive, though private contractors trusted by the Conglomorate are also being hired to bolster security.

Evidence of previous gatecrashers have been discovered, but only as much as one or two Gatehoppers just passing through, or perhaps Neo-primatives hoping to live in the jungle itself. No evidence of Hypercorp or any other organisation have been found, and so the world was easily claimed by the Conglomorate without a fight.


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