Following the fall of Mars from Hypercorp control, many of the corporations lost members who sympathised with the Autonomist movement – all of whom wished to do their part in aiding the planet gain it’s footing in the system. They would form a new corporation known simply as the Conglomorate, comprising of experts in almost every field. The man to bring them all together under one banner was one William Harden.

The creation of this new corporation built on the knowledge and secrets of the other Hypercorps did not sit too well with their rivals and parent companies. Numerous attempts were made by assasins and hired ego-hunters to nip the Conglomorate in the bud, and upon realising this the group fled the inner system to Extropia where many of them still had money and resources to fall back on.

In sympathy with their plight, and in recognition of their willingness to help, the Titanian Commonwealth extended the olive branch to the group. The commonwealth would pass on the secrets and techniques of the group to the Tharsis League in return for protection – a deal the members of the Conglomorate were only too happy to agree to. Not in regards so much to their own safety (They could all afford some of the best backup insurance available) but for the chance to aid Mars and spite the other Corps who wished them harm.

The Titanians were astounded by the level of tech, and the combinded genius that the group’s members contributed to the cause, and very soon the Conglomorate had achieved astronomical levels of @-Rep. The Commonwealth eventually offered a new new opportunity to the group. Several terraforming attempts on Exo-planets had been amandoned in the past by corporations, and had been rediscovered by various Autonomist expeditions. The group were offered resources and a chance to help colonise these world, in return for the shared discoveries and scientific knowledge discovered in the various exo-systems under Conglomorate influence.

Within 5 years the Conglomorate had successfuly colonised dozens of worlds, and the finds sent back through the gates were rapidly revolutionising Transhuman understanding of the universe around them (Not to mention the many new technologies developed out-system). It soon became apparent however that these Conglomorate habs and gates needed constant protection and policing, and so the council started the deffence group known as the Tylers to safeguard the wormholes, the gatecrashers that used them and the Habs themselves.

The Conglomorate’s influence on each world varies. Some habs they establish wish for full protection and assistance, whilst others merely ask that the Tylers keep the paths to their world safe from harm. This protection, as well as regular shipments of resources and Mesh updates, is offered to these various habs and all the Conglomorate asks in return is a system of Open Source information between the worlds – sharing each and every discovery made to further advance and assist Transhumanity’s scientific advance.


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