" Ol' Teach's answer to the Firebrand"

weapon (melee)

A double-edged sword with a twist. Concealed within the reinforced blade is a network of prisms, and a Crimson Laser projector withing the hilt. With one command, small apertures open across the blade’s edge in a loose herringbone pattern, revealing the underlying “laser blade”.

-7ap, 2d10+12, Burn damage before target’s next turn.

Counts as Faction/Tribe weapon


One of Olin Woolcott’s first inventions using the Crimson Laser technology and given to the Triad leader Goldenknife as a gift, this sword is now a well-feared symbol on Extropia. Only those guards and enforcers trusted enough by the crimeboss are allowed to carry the very latest upgrades of the weapon, and anyone found to be using one that wasn’t gifted to them by Goldenknife personally will be treated with outright hostility, or even violence, by his group.

Each weapon is security-tailored to the ego it was given to. The weapon will not activate in anyone else’s hands, as the hilt also carries elements of technology used in Cortical Stacks. Some have even been known to be booby trapped against unauthorised use…


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