Leech-pumice spike

Some things are all about give and take...

weapon (melee)

A shard or spike made from a peculiar stone, akin to Pumice in many respects. When a “Dry” spike is dipped in a chemical or toxin it will immeidatly absorb as much as the weapon itself can store within it’s porus body. Upon contact with another external liquid, the blade will immediatly begin swapping out it’s contents for the new substance.

-1AP, 1d10+(SOM/10)

Most designed as stabbing weapons

Counts as Faction/Tribal weapon

Cost: Moderate


Discovered in the more arid depths of Herbert’s Moon, this alien material was initially used to store water and other precious liquids by the desert tribes. It was quickly turned to a weaponised form, as the substance was discovered to drain a victim’s blood to the full cpapacity of the weapon with astonishing speed. Not only this, but many chemicals, poisons and toxins could also be held within the blade only to be released when coming into contact with another external liquid – in most cases blood.

Leech-pumice spike

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