"A gift from my enemy..."

weapon (melee)

A specially designed filament-edged bladeon a hardened super-alloy structure. This blade, though primarily used for slicing, can be used with enough force to stab through some light to medium armor variants without breaking the edge. Within the hilt is a concealed disabler and etched onto the blade just above the hilt is the word “Kendra”.


Janus carried this sword into Extropia during his invasion in 14AF, and used it to stab through the casing of a healing vat that contained his Re-instantiated ego from 8 years previous, seemingly in an attempt to kill him then and there (Though why he tried this while the body was still in a healing vat is unclear).
The sword was collected from the scene and brought to Goldenknife, who gifted the blade to the newly reborn Liu Tse in order to one day return the favour. A note of ironic interest is that the blade seems specifically designed to use against Synth morphs. Whether Janus wished to actually use it on Goldenknife himself may never be known.

Liu Tse now carries this sword along with two others. A standard Vibroblade, and a Yaksa given to him by Goldenknife.


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