Dispossable Gauss gun

Fear the subsonic mist

weapon (ranged)

From outside appearance, it seems nothing more than a fist-sized cylinder with a grip and a belt clip. This weapon contains a single shot of synthdiamond shards, monofilament strands and pieces of various alloys bundled into a quick-degrading wire net that is fired at speed just below sonic. The effect is a horrifying one on unprotected flesh, though after that the weapon is empty and useless. On the plus side, however, the weapon itself is very cheap to make, using simple to reproduce parts, and a fabber with the right blueprint can churn one out very quickly.

-10AP, 1d10+8

Cost: Low


Designed by Woolcott Armouries whilst trying to redesign the standard Rail delivery system, these weapons are now used in cases of last resort in personal deffence.

Dispossable Gauss gun

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