The goddamn batman.


Poole is a sword carrying, guntoting, narcissistic, nymphomaniac, alcoholic psychopath, and he can be very..‘persuasive’.
He is the head of the defence hypercorp SKOLnet, he is 29 years old, and has also been a gun for hire for going on 13 years.
He worked closely with coelaigh for 5 years previous to the jovian civil war, but that is all he knows until he wakes up 2 years later in a new morph, on a planet he doesn’t recognise, with only one of his previous colleagues nearby, the synth T-3 (Harding).
Ever since then he has found that he can bend people to his will somewhat, and that has made him have even more of a god complex.
Returning to his merc lifestyle, he tries to piece back the fragments of his mind, working with the conglomerate, along with others, he has gotten a very big reputation throughout the system, mainly for his his exploits with coelaigh , and stealing the Jovian battleship, Radian Serif.



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