Olin Woolcott

Founder of Woolcott Armouries


A scum of many faces, Olin has his own private collection of morphs ranging from the mundane, to the exotic and to the downright alien. His favourites however are the Pleasure Pod and Kite morphs that he frequently wore during his time on the Lethe. He does own a very unique Synth known as Hephaestus – a giant stylised construction synth that he used to great effect during the attack on Extropia led by Janus

When not working on new weapons, Olin spends his days getting high and/or teaching his skills to anyone willing to learn.


Originally a child born among Transhumanity’s first space explorers, Olin was introduced to the Scum early in life, and has never looked back. He took the skills he had been taught among the explorers and quickly found himself passing on his knowledge to any and all who were eager to learn, soon earning him the affectionate nickname Teach.

He travelled between various Scum barges, leading lives on the Carnival of the goat, the Blade Laconic and even spending a few years on Carnivale before finding a home on the barge Narcisus. Here he became fond of one of the ship’s communal “Parents”, Jaq – a character of varying sex who took it upon themselves to care for and instruct the younger of the Barge’s children in the ways of the ship. Here Olin expanded his teaching skills to cover everything from basic maths and spelling, to weapon construction and even Fabber and fusion engine maintenance.

It was some years into this life that an event occured that changed Olin forever. The Narcisus was attacked by a small group of pirates made up of Asyncs of the Lost. The barge was thrown into chaos and the psychics hacked the ship’s backup servers, stealing or corrupting hundreds of backups, including Jaq, who was killed in the raid. Olin was wracked with shared grief of the survivors, but also the guilt that he failed to save his one real friend. It took a great deal of counseling and psychosurgery to clear the guilt, though a side-effect of this treatment was the almost total lack of guilt in his day-to-day life.

It took a year for the Narcisus to catch up with the Lost who attacked them, but this time they had the help of two more barges and various mercenary forces. The Cortical Stacks of the pirates were taken from their tortured twisted corpses, and set into a shrine ontop of the newly christened Narcissus Reborn, where the egos of the Lost were kept alive in VR and subjected to the kind of punishments that only the Scum could ever imagine.

Olin later joined the crew of the Lethe the ship’s mechanic, and would play a part in rescue effort at the fall of Olympus Mons, as well as aiding in the defence of Extropia against two different attacks from Ex-Human threats. He now spends a great deal of time overseeing his weapons factory, Woolcott Armouries and designing new weapons for the production line.

Olin Woolcott

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