Wanted Ex-human terrorist


Accounts vary, though the most well-documented appearances all show him in the same Synth-morph; A humanoid synth standing over 7 feet tall, a barbed prehensile tail and armed almost exclusivley with blades of varying sizes and purposes, usually a trio of monofilament blades, a belt of wasp knives and cyber-claws. He is also known to carry a rail submachinegun and a bag of spash grenades, usualy loaded with Twitch or Flight.


Janus started life as a man called Liu Tse, an earth-born man who, along with his twin sister Kathryn, fought and died during the fall to be re-instantiated by Skinesthesia. The request had been made some weeks previously by the niece of the corp’s CEO, and Liu’s lover from university, Miss Kendra Valentine. Kendra however, was not made aware that neither Liu nor his sister had been saved, and both were put to work as Indentures by the corporation; Kathryn as an accountant Infomorph, Liu as a labrat – being constantly resleeved between various field-testing morphs and the pet robotic monkey of the CEO’s daughter.

One day, 5 years into their indenture, Liu finally makes contact with Kathryn and they plan their escape. Kathryn hacks Liu’s test schedule, and he is sleeved into a synth morph built to test various implant functions before they’re released to the market. Judging their timing carefully, Kathryn broadcast herself to a secondary ego-housing on the morph and they make a violent escape.
Amidst the following chaos, three board members inspecting the demonstration are killed. Their stacks were destroyed in the fight, and another Infomorph (inspired by the twins) hacks the local backups and wipes them from record. Whilst one board member is resleeved on Luna, the other two cannot be recovered… Including the CEO; Kendra’s uncle.

Liu and Kathryn take on the joint title of Janus, after the god with two faces, and flee to the outer system, where they are picked up by the Carmine Lotus Triad gang and brought to their boss Goldenknife. Liu pledges his service to the crimelord as an enforcer, Kathryn as a hacker.

It is during this time that the pair are noticed and recruited by Firewall. They manage a number of successful operations on Mars, Extropia and eventually to Vulgar, where everything changed.

Kathryn had recently taken to wearing her own morphs, and so Liu was left to his own devices. One day, he notices a strange woman talking with Kathryn and see’s his sister is pertified by whatever the stranger has said. He takes it upon himself to follow the woman to a bar, where she is waiting for him. Almost immediatly she snuck up behind him and hacked him through Skinlink, and Liu is faced with the true mind behind his sister’s fright – a Seed AI, warning Janus to leave it be and to not try following it again.

It was this experience that finally broke the already twisting mentality of Liu. He had spent too long in a Synth morph, eschewing the very idea of a Biomorph (“Fleshies” as he called them) and this was the last inspiration he needed. A few days later, he had vanished from Firewall’s watch during a battle between the local Austonomists and the invading Jovian forces. The next time he was seen was a few months later with a small group of Singularity Seekers on an Autonomist hab called Los Venturos hunting for an AGI and it’s creator Garrett Ursine. Both AGI and maker escaped however, thanks to the crew of the Lethe, and it was only the recovered spyme footage that Firewall hacked from the Lethe’s datacore that confirmed the Synth’s identity.

4 years later Janus re-emerged. This time leading a full assault on Extropia, and at the head of a veritable army of Singularity Seekers. The attack was repelled however, though not before Janus discovered a Ghost morph that contained a recently re-instantiated copy of his pre-Ex-human ego. Clearly, Goldenknife had left little to chance and kept an old backup from when Liu and Kathryn first signed up with the Triads.

To this day sightings of Janus are rare, though his name is one of infamy since the battle of Extropia.


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