Daryl Strom

Gatecrasher with a thing for Frontiers...


Sporting an Olympian, and modeling his look after the old Spaghetti Western films that resurfaced in popularity to glamourise Gatecrashing, Daryl strikes a unique figure in any room or situation he walks in to. He keeps a pair of heavy Rail Revolvers at his side at all times, though is smart enough to also carry a heavily customised rifle at his back, and a rebalancing knife strapped to his leg.


Though Scumborn, Daryl spent much of his young life watching a great deal of XPs of planetary explorers from both in and out of the system. One day he realised that the drugs and mass resleeving orgies weren’t cutting it anymore, and that the one thing he craved couldn’t be found on a Scum barge – the thrill of the truly unknown.

He got in touch with his old mentor Teach at a regular stop to Extropia, and after a night of weed and western movies, Daryl woke to find an empty Olympian morph, a hand-made set of rail revolvers and a paid-up trip to the Fissure gate waiting for him.

Daryl paid his respects to the Barge council, got on the barge to the gate and never looked back.

Daryl Strom

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