Admiral Persephone

Designed by nature to be a Captain, a Leader and general Mother Hen


Never seen outside of her iconic Morph; she is tall, olive skinned and of the fine proportions inherited from her Greek genetic roots. She is usually dressed in a leather kilt with metal rings of varying size wrapped around her chest. Her hair had been braided at some point, and now more resembled dreadlocks that reached down her back that were dressed in tiny golden and bronze rings. Her forearms are covered in customised golden HI gauntlets that break into filigree creepers that wind up her arms to her shoulders – one of which had an ivory pauldron shaped like a cowled death’s head. In one hand she often weilds a trident that stands exactly to her own height, made from the shattered remains of Heironeous Blade’s devastating weapon, while in the other she often carries her young son Prometheus – a sight that balances her roles as war leader and mother-to-all within her fleet.

On a golden chain around her neck, low enough to rest just above her heart, sits her wedding ring – a momento of her husband Salem.


Admiral Persephone

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