Welcome to Vohon’ Vorota!

This will be where you’ll find the information you’ll need for the Gatecrashing campaign. I will try to keep the wiki updated with any relevent info on gates, world, factions, NPCs, PCs and whatever you guys may stumble across as you gatehop your way around this arm of the Milky Way in the year 20AF.

For those of you with Character Sheets drawn up, we can actualy put any and all relevant data on here too – Rep scores, equipment lists, skill ratings etc. so once we’ve rolled your guys up, give me 5 minutes with the sheet and we’ll have them on here to, with any info and fluff you want to put up too.

This will also be where the log for each session will go up, so you can freely go back over previous games for info you may have missed or forgotten.

Let me know how you like the site, and once the notes are finalised we’ll actually get to playing this!

See ya’ll soon!


Vohon' Vorota

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